Thursday, October 2, 2008


This really needs NO intro...just a cute moment caught on camera...

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is a such a refreshing and non-self-focused approach to the all-too-common blog.

Operation Nice

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gotcha Day 2008

Two years ago today, our lives changed forever. A sweet little lady named Yang Fu Bin made her way 6 hours in a sweaty bus with so many other babies - all in matching outfits - was placed into our arms in a VERY cold hotel meeting room - and stared with her big brown eyes straight into our soul.

We will never forget that day - the day that the families that traveled with us were changed forever too.

Here is a video to celebrate that moment and the journey that came with it.

We love you Bin-Bin!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Modbe for You, Modbe for Me

Loyal Readers (ie All 3 of you :))

As some of you may already know, I have recently undertaken a new venture that I completely believe in.

Modbe Clothing is a modest clothing line and although for many of you, that brings to mind the ever-stylish denim jumper and possibly an array of turtlenecks, this hip and fun company has in their arsenal long-fit camisoles, capsleeve t-shirts as well as an array of retro-ish swimsuits!

I stumbled upon this line on a recent trip to Indiana where the youth minister's wife where we were had recently begun selling it. I loved the suits so much, I bought two. They are long in the torso and the best description I have is that you feel "strapped in." :) I ended up loving the jeans as well (made high in the back while still maintaining the hip low-front fit as to avoid an appearance of "crack" :)) and their camisoles and capsleeves. So, in a nutshell, I was a customer before I was a consultant. It took a lot of prayer and discernment to decide if selling this would be in God's plan for our family's life. I was overwhelmed in that time of discernment by the idea that our young ladies need this kind of option so badly!! THIS is the reason I do it. NOT to make a extra buck, but to spread the word that "modest" doesn't have to be a word our young people shy away from - or not understand the meaning of why it is important.

In addition, since I know quite a few of you are in the midst of creating and adding new little people :) they offer a great maternity line as well as a line for kids and the selection is awesome!

I would invite you to visit my website and see this for yourself! You can order online through the website, or, if you're feeling the urge for socialization and live close to the Denver area, we can set up a party at your house. You can see the website at:

One word of caution. We are at the tail-end of the summer line and when the new line of clothing makes an appearance in early September, I will create another post letting you know all about the new stuff!! However, UNTIL then you can still order some great swimsuits and essentials such as the camisoles etc. Take a look!!

Let me know what you think!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Together with the Sisters again...

We were together again with some families who we traveled to China with and had dinner at our friend's house.

Miss Katelyn Mae

Cassidy Tao

Miss Ava - hey, little miss, you got a little somethin' right there...

Jack - and Mr. Larry

Jack's First Baseball Game

First EVER organized sport. He was on the KC Royals team and just received his end of the year trophy and a word from the coach that he was "the fastest on the team" and a "natural born athlete." Yep...we're proud.
Here is one of his first times to bat...


Our trip to Carmel, Indiana to visit some good friends.

One of the coolest lightning storms we've been through. The lightning flashed constantly for about 2-3 hours. Here is ONE of those flashes.

Fun on the lake on Sunday
Caed is very secure in his manhood.

Ava is prepared to fly away - but still doesn't want to look.